For Students

A great opportunity to work with researchers!

Become part of the research Critical Systems at IT University of Copenhagen.

We are a network of computer scientists, software engineers, interaction designers, media and communication scholars and social scientists, eager to work together with Bachelor and Master students on projects related to Energy Futures. Not only will you contribute with valuable research, but you will get a chance to create a solid network within this field.

If the deadlines in the posts are exceeded, or the projects are not in your interest, go to the menu field People, and read the biography of each member of the group. This might help you in your search for a supervisor for a project collaboration.


If you are a SDT student..

From fall 2015, students will have an opportunity to choose a newly established specialisation in Critical Systems.

This specialisation aims to prepare students to take software developer and software architect jobs in software houses and consultancies taking part in development of distributed, service-oriented and process-aware information systems for which correctness and security plays a critical role (such as electronic patient records and other healthcare software, financial software, e-voting, etc), as well as it serves as a potential entry point to research in model-based design, process-aware information systems, formal methods, programming, logic and semantics. Read more on ITU website or on the SDT wiki.


If you are a DDK student...

Gitte Stald has formulated a project catalogue to DDK students, containing offers for collaboration with researchers in 7,5 ECTS, 15 ECTS or 30 ECTS master thesis projects. It is mandatory for “post-DMD”-students to do a project with either internal or external collaboration and all other DDK students can exchange one or two electives with a 7,5 or 15 ECTS project. The catalogues she put together will be relevant for the Spring semester 2015.

 The catalogue will be uploaded soon.